Homemade Bug Out Meals to Heat and Eat

Homemade Bug Out Meals to Heat and Eat

Great option if you can’t afford the ready made options. click link for more information.


Planting A Survival Garden From Your Pantry

Planting A Survival Garden From Your Pantry

How To Grow, Cure And Store Your Own Garlic

How To Grow, Cure And Store Your Own Garlic.

5 Biggest Mistakes When Building A Family Emergency Response Plan

Author: Tracey Mullins

When developing a family emergency response plan it is very important to have  a plan that works and one that everyone in the family completely understands. My  families plan is always changing and being updated. Communicating the changes is  a constant effort. However, if your family is not up to date on the plan you  might as well not have one because it will result in confusion and possibly  injury.

Here are 5 of the most common mistakes families make when developing their  emergency response plan:

1) Not having a post event communication plan – It is possible that when a  major disaster occurs the family may not all be together. Having a way for you  to contact each other and update on everyone’s’ whereabouts and safety offers  peace of mind.

2) Not having a post event meet-up location – If your home is unsafe and you  need to leave having a common meet up place for everyone to rendezvous will  allow your family to get to a undisclosed location to meet up before moving onto  another safe location.

3) Not preparing a bug out system – If you have to leave you will need to be  able to load up your survival supplies quickly and leave. When you are building  your cache of supplies it is very important to have the ability to be mobile and  to take as much with you as you can. Building up a cache of supplies that cannot  be reasonably moved in short order can result in leaving essential supplies  behind.

4) Not having cash – When a disaster happens it is probable that ATM machines  with either not work or be emptied very quickly. It is important to have some  cash on hand in case you need to buy something like fuel, water or food. After a  major crisis we will probably be a cash society for a while if the dollar still  has any value at all. It should work for a while but long-term it may become  worthless. This is when a bartering system will come into play.

5) Not storing enough water – The average person needs 5 gallons per day for  drinking, cooking and personal hygiene. While you can get along with less this  is optimal. One of the most common mistakes is under estimating how much water  will be needed. You cannot live without water for more than 3-4 days so this is  your most valuable commodity. Also, having a way to clean, disinfect and store  water from natural sources like rain will be key. No matter how much you store  prior to a disaster you will eventually run out and will need a way to capture  rain water,run off or stream water.

While this list is not all inclusive these are the most common forgotten  items when developing a family emergency response plan. Take the time to put  yourself in your shoes when a major disaster happens and think of all the  possibilities. You may not be able to address each one but identifying them and  addressing the most important ones will give you peace of mind and a plan the  whole family can follow as a team.

Tracy Mullins has over 25 years experience in the emergency response  industry. To learn more about how to prepare yourself and your family for the  coming crisis check out Tracy’s website: http://www.family-emergency-survival-guide.com/

Great Survival Ideas – Disaster Preparedness

Author: Norman Reed

There is no way anyone can predict when a disaster will strike or what kind  of disaster it can be. It can be a natural disaster like the recent hurricanes,  earthquakes or floods. And it can be due to other reasons like economic  breakdown. We have seen recently that thousands of lives were lost in the event  of disasters because the people were not prepared or had no idea of what to do  before the help arrives. Here are some great survival ideas on how to prepare  yourself to be ready for any sort of crisis.

• Always keep an eye on your surroundings and conditions to be aware if there  is a chance of a crisis that may affect you and your family.

• Have some survival kits ready at your home which should include some basic  medicine, first aid and other important things.

• During the event of a crisis or a disaster, keeping aware of your  surroundings is a great survival idea. This will help you to understand the  situation and tackle any problems before they arise.

• You should be aware of a list of basic necessities that are usually sold  out during crisis and should be prepared to buy them as soon as possible.

• Protection and survival of your family should be the first priority.

• Family survival courses can help you a lot in the event of a disaster. You  can get a family survival course from different websites, books and other  sources.

These were some basic survival ideas that would help prepare you. But the  best bet would be taking a family survival course which will teach you about  different scenarios and will give you different ideas to ensure the survival of  you and your family. The recent hurricane in US and floods in India have shown  that majority of the people who were affected had no idea about what to do. The  authorities had been warning days before but almost no one prepared themselves  for it. Most of the people didn’t have clean drinkable water and were exhausted  due to dehydration.

A family survival course will enable you to scout for water sources and will  also teach you how to filter water to make it drinkable. It will also prepare  you how to survive with minimum resources. Real survival starts after the  disaster has struck because sometimes it takes days for help to arrive and it is  these days that you must keep in mind and prepare yourself for.

Greatsurvivalideas.com is one of the leading websites on the  internet where world’s top survivalists offer family survival courses to the  masses so everyone can prepare themselves for any kind of disaster.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Norman_Reed

Top 5 Firearms You Need To Get Your Hands On NOW!

Top 5 Firearms You Need To Get Your Hands On NOW!

To the individual who is either interested in Prepping or already knee deep into preparing for any number of potential emergencies or disasters, security has to be one of your primary concerns.

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How To Reduce Your Risk From An EMP

How To Reduce Your Risk From An EMP

 www.myfamilysurvivalplan.com Astronomers everywhere have been warning about the severe rise in solar flares that is expected for 2013. Even NASA has issued warnings for this, concerned that they could cause major disruptions on a worldwide basis. Part of the problem is that we’re really not sure what kinds of effects the solar flares are going to cause or how serious those effects will be.